Whether you like it or not. Fortnite is one of the most popular games of 2018. Averaging around 2 million concurrent players a month, its popularity is nothing short of extraordinary.
You often hear people talking about at schools, workplaces and other places. It has almost come to the point where ya can’t go a day without overhearing someone bragging about their fortnite wins. Fortnite’s sudden rise in popularity can have some people scratching their heads in confusion. How did one free to play game become one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2018. In this video I Shall attempt to explain the various reasons why Fortnite became so popular.

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Ahh Video games, we love em so much. We play them to feel accomplished, we play them to gain prestige, and most importantly we play them to have fun. It is the year 2018 and we have more games than ever before. However, as video game graphics continue to improve, they don’t really affect the success of a game as much as they used to. At this point you literally cannot differentiate between a video game and real life. Today, the primary selling points for video games today are unique ideas and experiences. Games like Calll of Duty WW2 have almost llifelike graphics, but it follows the same generic formula of easy kills with minimal effort, and it turns out people are getting tired of it. People want games that are challenging and make them feel like they have accomplished something. When you kill a player in Call of Duty, you don’t really feel that you’ve accomplished much. Everyone seems to get kills in Call of Duty.
The Battle Royale concept is different. With battle royale your kills actually matter. Since nobody respawns killing a player is quite an accomplishment. Your kills actually seem to matter . And when you end up winning a match, you feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Fortnite and other battle royale games appear to have benefited from Call of duty’s decline.

It should be noted that Fortnite is not the first Battle Royale game to be made. There are several battle royale games that have been made such as Player Unknown Battlegrounds and H1Z1. There are also Minecraft Survival Games that’s just like battle royale.

One of the major aspects of Fortnite that separate it from all the other battle royale games is the ability to build various structures. You can choose to build whatever they want using the resources that you gather. You may choose from wood, stone, or metal. Cover can actually be built in the game. Is someone trying to snipe you? Why don’t you build some cover? This is a revolutionary idea that has never been done before. The ability to build cover where you want and whenever you want makes the game truly unique.

Another reason why fornite is so popular is because it is a free to play which makes it more accessible. It’s cartoonish design, and simple game mechanics make it easy to play. There are .And It ends up being an extremly addicting game. So those are some reasons why fortnite is so popular.

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